Eighth Supernatural festival was realized.
The location – Supernatural Park at Ada Huja, it’s closer to its Supernatural vision.
We are proud of our youngest, loyal audience with whom we have this wonderful festival day, spent
in planting, talking about the Danube, finding the “hidden treasure” in the first Belgrade maze, playing volleyball.
In addition to the choir “Čarolija”, this year’s Kid music program was completed by the choir “Kolibri”.
Fantastic afternoon gigs, lectures, green market, the delicious Supernatural Organic Blend Coffee
all gave a special touch to the second part of the program.
The bands and their music: DLM, Obojeni program and Darkwood Dub made the whole park dance as one.
Thank you all for your positive energy and a great day!
As for us, we can hardly wait for the next festival…

5 Supernatural 2014

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