About us

MARSH. Production came out as a result of long cooperation of the two producers Marko Maršićević and Maja Đulić. Guided by their own professional experience they have sensed that there’s a need in market for creating a professional production, one which could guarantee a business confidence, knowledge, experience and expertise to their future clients. The biggest value of MARSH. Production lies in its team – a group of producers having over 10 years of professional experience. The team was carefully built over the years while working on various projects, from simple press conferences, commercial videos, concerts, movies to big and complex foreign productions.

MARSH. was founded in 2009. Its main services are event production as well as idea making and realisation of content and creative concepts.

MARSH. provides overall logistics and production services for both clients and agencies, and also has a large base of associates in every specialized sector of production.



    Graduated from Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, major - Theatre and Radio Production.

    Enrolled in Postgraduate studies, Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, major -Theater Management.

    As a freelance producer worked practically in all media, initiating numerous projects by himself.


    Graduated from the Academy of Arts, Belgrade, major - Manager in Culture and Media. Postgraduate student at Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade University, MA in Enviromental Policy.