Culture and creative synergies across the Western Balkans 

Creative Agenda

for the Western Balkans

Creative Agenda is the first online conference organized by the Arteria Creative Network, the Western Balkans network for cultural, creative and digital industries. 

The conference kickstarts a series of events devoted to the networking and cooperation in the Western Balkans region in the Culture and Creative Sector. It will focus on the six countries of the Western Balkans region, plus two additional EU countries, Slovenia and Croatia. 

In these times of turmoil there are major challenges facing the future of life and business, particularly in the context of this regional ecosystem. It is now more important than ever to focus on developing culture and creative synergies across the Western Balkans.

The European Commission identified the Culture and Creative Industries (CCI) as one of the 14 key sectors for Europe’s recovery. The CCI is part of a global solution that cares about tomorrow. What are the concrete measures and how will they reflect on the member states and the Western Balkans regional ecosystem? 

 The conference will address the topics arising from the new reality in Europe as well as the implications for the Western Balkans region. 

Guests from the CCI sectorpolitics and NGOs will address these questions.

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