INDIGO, Festival of Contemporary Ideas

5.–7. September 2018

Using the principles of collaboration, accessibility and transitivity, the festival integrates cultural and scientific institutions with nongovernmental organisations and creative individuals.
This year̕s third edition of Indigo is dedicated to rumours: a silent force that affects public opinion and behaviour. Rumours affect personal decisions and relations between people and communities. They can be silent or spoken out loud, intentional or unintentional. The subjects of rumours are often the last to find out about them. They can be about anything and anyone, and the greater the uncertainty, the more they are present. The more scandalous they are, the sooner they start and the faster they spread, and there is no way of stopping them. Their consequences are unpredictable. Whether we like it or not, we are part of them and they affect all of us. Rumours are politics, rumours are a commodity, rumours are power, rumours are a weapon. Rumours form the background of the creative reflections that Indigo will share with festivalgoers via exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures and debates with noted artists and theorists from Slovenia and abroad.

The festival will run from 5 to 7 September, with events taking place at public cultural and academic institutions and NGOs and in the open air – in French Revolution Square and the surrounding streets.

Production : Marsh Creative Production & MGML

More at: INDIGO 2018. RUMORS

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