7th Mikser Festival, the largest regional festival of creativity and innovation, was held for the fourth time in the Belgrade district of Savamala, from 3rd to the 7th of June 2015 under the slogan of “Neizdrž”.With the participation of nearly 1,000 artists from the country, the region and the world, this year’s Mikser Festival emphasized the social potential of creative work and activism as a way out of the moral, social and economic crisis.Tens of thousands of visitors of Savamala had the opportunity to visit numerous programs in the Mikser House, the Creative Hub and the Miksalište.For the first time, this year the festival was broadcasted on the internet via live stream and a half million people have seen at least one of the Mikser’s Facebook posts.

In the music part of the program the audience was delighted with Ana Popovic, The Partybreakers, Goblins, Artan Lili, TBF, Darkwood Dub, Viva Vox, Dejan Petrovic Big Bend, E-play.

For the 6th time the team of the Marsh Creative Production was taking care of the production of the Mikser Festival.


5 Mikser festival 2015 visual



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The Spectacular Viva Vox Choir marked their 10th anniversary with a grand concert in Belgrade Kombank Arena in front of 10000 visitors. The audience had the opportunity to see the extremely demanding production as well as a unique combination of singing, video and light effects. The stage was specially designed for this occasion by the Stage Pro company; it was consisted of 10 levels, having a total total size of 600 m2.For the first time, the audience in the Belgrade Arena had the opportunity to see the spectacular light show with more than 200 moving light headsproduced by Studio Berar. The Audio Konstruktor company took care of the sound, and for the sound system the Martin – Glastonbury Edition was provided along withcomplex audio setting with over 30 monitors and 70 microphones. Especially for this occasion the largest projection screen in the region was rented as well as the projector of 50,000 ANSI lumens. Videosector was led by the Zoom Media company.

Marsh Creative Production Team ran the complete production of the show.

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The 9th Supernatural festival was held In Belgrade in executive production of Marsh Creative Production.

Over 10,000 visitors enjoyed in the beautiful day and the nature of Ada Huja.The program started traditionally with the “Čarolija” choir, continued with the choir of Belgrade’s Children Cultural Center and than the band “Pakleni Ribnikari” had its first performance on the big stage causing the ovations.
In the following program also performed: “Ničim izazvan”, “Artan Lili” and Zemlja Gruva”.The audience enjoyed in various organic food stands and many other festival contents such as the opportunity to practice Tai Chi and Capoeira.

2 Supernatural 2015 PRibnikari visual

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