The eighth annual BELhospice Charity Ball took place on 25 November 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Belgrade.  This year’s event was themed around honoring the legendary James Bond movies, and the slogan “Let’s bond for the ones in need” was completely lived up to.

The evening auction raised significant funds for the construction of the first palliative care nursing home in Serbia.Numerous diplomats and businesspersons truly demonstrated what charity at work looks like.This event proved that balls have definitely not lost their allure, but its greatest value was not in the glamorous ensembles, well-dressed gentlemen, and good time, but instead in the desire and need to help others.

The program was performed by the Academy of Arts’ students under the baton of professor of theater direction Milan Nešković.

Marsh Creative Production is very proud of the entire team, as well as the dear people around us.

We want to thank everyone for the wonderful energy and filling our hearts with pride.

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This year, Marsh Production started its partnership with Serbia’s world-renowned Nordeus.

We had the unique pleasure of working with one of the most creative companies in Serbia by planning a singular five-day team building event. Brave and special as they are, they were open to different ideas and new experiences. The specially tailored team building activities for this special bunch included elements of big mass games, an open-air escape room that lasted ten hours, special parties, and special aromas and flavors.

It’s very gratifying to be designing and implementing different ideas, and we thank the Nordeus staff for their trust.

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The Osvajanje slobode Award was held for 17th time, Like every year, on 24th of September, the “Maja Maršićević Tasić” Foundation has organized the Award Ceremony giving the statuette of Mr. Mrđan Bajić to the winner.
The award is given to women for their contribution to the work and the promotion of human rights, legal state, democracy and tolerance in communication.Previous winners are Olja Bećković, Goranka Matić, Biljana Srbljanović, Ružica Đinđić, Borka Pavićević, Hedvig Morvai, Lila Radonjić, Mirjana Karanović, Srbijanka Turajlić, Verica Barać, Aida Ćorović, Dubravka Stojanović, Brankica Stanković, Danica Popović, Danica Vučenić and Ljiljana Spasić
Seventeen winner of the Osvajanje slobode Award is Tamara Skrozza.
For the second time the Award Ceremony took place at Reks.


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Marsh Creative Production has helped the realization of the teaser video for the needs of the forthcoming 15th Belgrade Dance Festival 2018.

The video was realized by: creative director and producer Aja Jung, director and director of photography Mihajlo Savić, ballerina Gala Jovanović, costume designer Angelina Atlagić, production director Marko Maršićević, executive producer Anja Jeremić, editor Dejan Špagnut, production assistant Milan Zarić, assistant costume designer Evica Mančić, costume department assistant Vesna Stančić, makeup artist Ljiljana Petrović, cameraman Vesna Ćurčić, camera assistant Dragan Trifunović and driver Tomislav Laovski.

The video was filmed in Belgrade in September 2017.

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