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On December 27, 2023, the first edition of the MUSICO conference was held in Marsh Open Space as well as in Kolarac Endowment.
The conference included the following round tables:
AI in the music industry – advantages and consequences,
Music industry in Serbia – development and achievements
The music production workshop was also held for young composers, led by Dejan Vozlić.
The exhibition “Živi(m) rock and roll” by Wood RS was also opened.






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The fifth Kontakt was held in Belgrade, again online, due to the current Covid situation.

This year Kontakt had 3 segments:

New initiatives, More than 50 years of pure rock and roll and New young people.

The Kontakt 2021 program participants:

Andraž Kajzer MENT / INES, Nikola Vilotić OFPS, Igor Milikić SOKOJ, Ana Stanić MIMA,

Yu Group – Zika, Dragi and Petar Jelić in conversation with Branko Rosić, Daze, Relja Persić

This year’s Kontakt was held with the support of Sokoj and OFPS.

More at: KONTAKT 2021.



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This year’s Indigo Festival also had one special event.

Yanis Varoufakis is a top economist who was at the forefront of international media attention as Minister of Finance in the Syriza government in Greece. Today, he leads the left-wing pan-European political movement DiEM25.

The conversation with Varoufakis, led by Slavoj Žižek was address to the issues faced by today’s world.









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On the 20th of November, on the World Children’s Day, at Marsh Open Space, the winners of the first Festival of Socially Responsible Communication in Serbia – Campaigns with a purpose, were announced.

“This is the first festival of its kind in Serbia and in the region, and one of the first in the world”, stated Mrs Tijana Adamov-Ignjatović, the founder of the Festival.


The title of the best socially responsible campaign in Serbia 2020/2021 and the statuette GRAND PRIX CAMPAIGN WITH A PURPOSE 2021 were won by the following campaigns:

  1. Thank you, doctors! – McCann Belgrade and Nedeljnik
  2. Unbreakable – Hemofarm Foundation and New Moment New Ideas Company


You can see the complete list of winners at










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This year’s sixth edition of the Indigo Festival has a telling title – Mass Hypnosis.

The time of the pandemic has shaken up the world and changed it completely. At the same time, the antagonisms and problems we face remain. Even more, their destructive power has increased. Neoliberal constructs, populisms and ideologies that we thought had disappeared are on the rise. Climate change determines our daily lives. Lies and untruths have conquered the digital media. In short, an accumulation of “unbalanced” events and people is changing the world we were used to. Without realising it, we are plunging into the mass hypnosis of a state of numbness, without knowing who is triggering it, controlling it, one might even say, consciously or unconsciously, orchestrating it.

More about Indigo no. 6 :  INDIGO 2021.












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The Maja Maršićević Tasić Foundation held the twentie first, edition of the Osvajanje Slobode Award.

In accordance with the circumstances, the award ceremony was held with a small number of visitors and the event was broadcasted online via Facebook.

This year’s winner is Milena Radulović.

The entire event is available on








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The thirteenth edition of the CROCODILE literary festival was held in Belgrade from August 26 to 29 under the symbolic name BORDERS VS. FRONTIERS in the area in front of the Museum of Yugoslavia, as well as in the Center for Cultural Decontamination.

Numerous famous writers from the world and the region, led by the celebrated Hanif Quraysh and Irwin Welsh, hung out with the festival audience for 3 days.

The production of the festival is Marsh Creative Production this year as well.

More about Crocodile at







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The twelfth edition of the Mikser Festival under the slogan “Hug” was held for the second time in a row in the idyllic surroundings of Zornića house, from 26-28. May 2021.
This year, the Mikser led dialogue on important social issues such as solidarity, Covide, sustainable development, environmental protection, climate change, and new trends in culture.
The program units of the Mikser Festival 2021 were:
Mikser Conversations, Art Zone, Mikser Music, Mikser Design, Mikser Media Hub, Mikser Workshops and Mikser Design Camp.
Marsh Creative Production was once again the executive production of the Mikser Festival.
More about Mikser at : MIKSER 2021.





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A garden with 12 hives and 700 honey plants was opened on Dorcol by the Danube.

This green oasis in the heart of the city was formed by the Supernatural movement with support of:
Gaia Movement, Embassy of the Netherlands and Slovenia, BeActivist, Belgrade Association of Beekeepers, Mad Med, Vita Verde, BID Josif Pančić and Marsh Creative Production.




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Predrag Koraksić Corax is considered one of the most famous domestic cartoonists, whose career lasts more than 7 decades.
The exhibition “Parallel Reality”, which opened on May 24, 2021, in Dorcol Platz, presented 20 works by our famous caricaturist.
Hiis works which illustrate the texts of Media Center columnists from Serbia, the region and Europe, masterfully depict domestic and international reality.
In addition to the author himself, Milena Dragićević Šešić, Peca Popović and Žarko Trebješanin also spoke at the opening of the exhibition.
The exhibition “Parallel Reality” was organized by Medija Centar Beograd, with the support of: Ozon Art Space and Marsh Creative Production.



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The 14th Kustendorf Festival was held this year from 22nd to 25th of January.

Bearing in mind the general world situation caused by Coronavirus, the festival has this year experienced its first online edition.

A total of 22 films (18 feature films, 2 documentaries and 2 animated films) were screened in the competition program.

A total of 439 films were submitted to the competition.

Marsh Creative Production, in cooperation with the specialized New Zealand company Shift72, realized this extremely complex project.


More about Kustendorf at : KUSTENDORF


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14th of December was really a great day for the Western Balkans CCI.Arteria Creative Network launched the first Creative Agenda conferencewith the title – A Culture and Creative Synergies Across the Western Balkans.

Below are the conference numbers:

34 speakers

18 artist

26 MTF art nomads

40 organisations

30 countries

40 cities with live panelists via Zoom, MTF movies and music performances

8 hours of live program

Conference partners were :

Ljubljana 2025

City of Ljubljana

Industry Commons Foundation

MTF Labs

Coda Artists

Sulivan Sweetland Ltd

Prosound Conference Systems

Conference produced by Marsh Creative Production



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Culture and creative synergies across the Western Balkans 

Creative Agenda

for the Western Balkans

Creative Agenda is the first online conference organized by the Arteria Creative Network, the Western Balkans network for cultural, creative and digital industries. 

The conference kickstarts a series of events devoted to the networking and cooperation in the Western Balkans region in the Culture and Creative Sector. It will focus on the six countries of the Western Balkans region, plus two additional EU countries, Slovenia and Croatia. 

In these times of turmoil there are major challenges facing the future of life and business, particularly in the context of this regional ecosystem. It is now more important than ever to focus on developing culture and creative synergies across the Western Balkans.

The European Commission identified the Culture and Creative Industries (CCI) as one of the 14 key sectors for Europe’s recovery. The CCI is part of a global solution that cares about tomorrow. What are the concrete measures and how will they reflect on the member states and the Western Balkans regional ecosystem? 

 The conference will address the topics arising from the new reality in Europe as well as the implications for the Western Balkans region. 

Guests from the CCI sectorpolitics and NGOs will address these questions.

Creative Agenda by 

Arteria Creative Network

In cooperation with 

Ljubljana 2025

City of Ljubljana

Industry Commons Foundation

MTF Labs

Supported by

Coda Artists

Technical support

Prosound Conference Systems 

Produced by

Marsh Creative Production


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In this strange year, the Mikser Festival 2020 was held on October 8 – 9, under the symbolic name OXYGEN, at Zornića House.
For the first time, the festival leaves the city center and follows Oxygen, changing its urban location for nature.
As if it had always belonged there, it was a perfect fit. In limited numbers, the visitors could feel the charms of Zornića house and visit numerous festival workshops.
But most of them followed the Online conference part of the MF 2020 program.
We really enjoyed it, but many were missing.
You can watch the entire festival program on the Mikser Festival YouTube channel.


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The Maja Maršićević Tasić Foundation held the twentieth, jubilee edition of the Osvajanje Slobode Award.

In accordance with the circumstances, the award ceremony was held with a small number of visitors and the event was broadcasted online.

This year’s winner is Vesna Rakić Vodinelić.

On the occasion of 20 years of work, there was also premiere of the movie about foundation in which Maja’s friends and associates participated.

This year’s awarding of the Osvajanje slobode award was also helped by the Open Society Foundation.

The entire event is available on


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The fourth edition of Kontakt was held in Belgrade, on 21st and 22nd of September

in Marsh Open Space.

Due to the situation caused by the Covid19, Kontakt 2020 was held online.

During the two days of Kontakt, there were 5 panel discussions and 3 presentations, with 27 participants from Belgrade, Berlin, Ljubljana, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Valencia, Luxembourg, Bucharest, Skopje, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Kotor, Brussels, Vienna and Budapest.The main topic of the Kontakt was “Endangered Industry”.

On this occasion, the participants focused on the most important issues related to the music industry, which has been going through a great crisis and very difficult moments all over the world for the last six months.

The Kontakt 2020 program could be followed online, and all those who missed the conference can check it on :


Kontakt is member of INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases.

More at : KONTAKT

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The fifth edition of the Indigo Festival took place under the title “Now is Too Late” and under the circumstances set by our new reality.

The festival took place between 8th and 11th of September at several locations around MGML.

This year we started collaboration with the Goethe-Institute Ljubljana and the International Hegelian Association Aufhebung. Together with them we prepared an international philosophical conference in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the German philosopher G. W. F. Hegel. With the non-profit organization “Maska” we will also hold the conference “Precarity or Self-Management?” with accompanying programs that will commemorate 100 years since the first issue and the publishing of the 200th issue of the “Maska” magazine.



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The 12th edition of the Krokodil Festival, was the first in many ways!
Under the symbolic title Remake/Remodel, traditionally held in the amphitheater of the Museum of Yugoslavia, the festival presented a superb selection of twenty prominent regional women poets and prose writers.
Krokodil 2020 is the first event held in Belgrade under specific circumstances due to COVID19.
And the first event organized by Marsh in its digital wave. The Krokodil festival is the first live broadcast that we have developed with partners from PROSOUND technical production.

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Buy buy 2019, we work hard.

Marsh Open Space / 83 micro events;

Among others we hosted UNDP Serbia, UN Women Serbia, United Nations – Serbia, Lidl Srbija, Roche, Verisec Labs, Privredna komora Srbije, Exit Festival, Runda – Regional Association of Independent Discographers Balkans, NESCAFÉ, Coca-Cola, Philip Morris International, Johnson’s Baby, Addico Banka, Labris Beograd, Vip mobile, Marina Abramovic, Johnny Depp., UEPS, Hemofarm Fondacija, Bibo Global Opportunity ,

We organized 3 exhibitions – Vesna Pavlovic, Voja Gostiljac, Ivan Šijak.
Marsh Creative production / 11 productions, festivals, conferences, events.
We won on the pitch for IQOS , start collaboration with company Philip Morris and produce first IQ Party. We were local support of the famous global conference World Minds, for the first Belgrade edition. Marsh Open Space become a member of European Creative Hubs Network. 2019 is also a year of our first decade. At the end of 2009 Maja started production company LWP, Marko has joined in 2011, we changed the name of our company and since then, we are developing Marsh Creative Production. In 2016 we opened Marsh Open Space.
In 2020 we have two more jubilees, first 5 years of Indigo festival and 20 years of Foundation Maja Maršićević Tasić / Osvajanje Slobode.
From 18th – 21th of March we will organize Kontakt Beograd no4, first time as INES Showcase Festival Network members.
We are looking forward for a new projects with our friends and partners Mikser, Supernatural, Videostroj, Krokodil Engaging Words, Preventer, CODA, Mestni muzej Ljubljana, IN BOX – Sajam Autića, Odlican hrcak, Executive Group, Holi Festival,
Thank you all for successful collaboration in 2019.
Keep on rocking in 2020!

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The Serbian Environmental Protection Agency, SEPA, marked 15 years of work, on November 1, 2019, at Klub Poslanika. The director of the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Luka Demikeli, also attended. We were honored to participate in the realization of this solemn conference.



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The IQ platform via IQ party aims at good fun, a different concept of city entertainment for which an important element is quality music, specific scenery and free tickets, which will always be mandatory. This platform is specially created for the IQOS brand and for the client Philip Morris Operation A.D. Nis.

In the specially created scenography for this occasion, the visitors enjoyed the four-hour program, which, in addition to numerous activations and presentations, was also a rich musical part. The first IQ Party will be remembered for its exceptional atmosphere, good dancing from the beginning to the end of the party, thanks to the good music program.

British DJ Alexander Nut, Croatian electropop band Nipplepeople and local DJ duo, B2S (Aleksandra Duende and Andrija Akioki), were the music stars of the first edition of the IQ party.

After this first IQ party, we are very much looking forward to the next one.


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After 8 years of work at the Ada Huja landfill, where the Supernatural Park was formed, nature is showing signs of its victory. The nature needed some help in the beginning, a little wind in her back, a little attention and love. Thanks to Supernatural and Srdjan Stankovic, we were also a part of this wonderful story, we had the privilege to help and support nature. After 8 years, the park has 1000 new trees, 37 species of plants, 91 species of birds, countless bees and butterflies. In honor of the park and the forest, we organized a wonderful day called “May the Forest be with you”, and on that day we planted, but also cooked and danced.


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On October 2 and 3, the first International Conference “Women Leaders and Sustainable Development – Truly Equal” was held in Belgrade. The conference brought together many officials from various countries with the aim of establishing cooperation between women leaders from around the world and women leaders from Serbia and the Balkans. The aim of the conference is to affirm the contribution that women, in leadership positions, make in achieving the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations.

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Labor, Employment Veteran and Social Affairs.

The Institute for Public Policy has entrusted the executive production of this conference to Marsh Production.


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The “Osvajanje Slobode” Award was held for the 19th time. This time, as every year, on September 24, the “Maja Maršićević-Tasić” Foundation organized the Award Ceremony, giving the statuette of Mr. Mrđan Bajić to the winner.  The award is given to women for their contribution to the work and the promotion of human rights, legal state, democracy and tolerance in communication.

Previous winners are: Olja Bećković, Goranka Matić, Biljana Srbljanović, Ružica Đinđić, Borka Pavićević, Hedvig Morvai, Lila Radonjić, Mirjana Karanović, Srbijanka Turajlić, Verica Barać, Aida Ćorović, Dubravka Stojanović, Brankica Stanković, Danica Popović, Danica Vučenić, Ljiljana Spasić, Tamara Skrozza, Svetlani Lukić i Svetlana Vuković.

The 19th winner is Marija Lukić, who was presented with the award by Mirjana Karanović.

The award ceremony was organized at the Center for Cultural Decontamination.


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The fourth edition of Indigo Festival explores topics of indifference and insensitivity towards problems that surround us, fueled by constant media battle for attention and everyday indignation over pressing issues. Robbed of power and solid ground beneath our feet, we are too tired to care for anything or anyone. All we want is peace and quiet. We withdraw to detachment, vegging out in privacy, until someone knocks on our door. Personal integrity and the possibility of solidarity have been taken away from us, while, squinting over our bedsheets, we gloomily observe world events or simply lock our hearts away to guard them from the evil. Should we care? Perhaps the last stanza of the European anthem Ode to Joy exposes some of these antagonisms: “Yes – he too who but one being on this earth can call his own! He who ne’er was able, weeping stealeth from this league alone!” (translated from the German original by William F. Wertz)

A wide programme of exhibitions, performances, concerts, workshops, lectures and panel talks with acknowledged artists and theorists, dealing with the topic of indifference, will take place in the traditional Indigo quarter of public institutions and NGOs at Trg francoske revolucije square and surrounding streets.

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Marsh Creative Production

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11th edition of the Festival Krokodil was held on June 7-9. Held on various locations (Kombank dvorana, Belgrade Youth Center, Center for Cultural Decontamination and Krokodil Center),this year’s festival showed it has a loyal audience that is getting bigger each year. The tickets for the first two nights of the festival were sold out.

We are proud to be a part of the Krokodil team which constantly grows each year.



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MIKSER FESTIVAL – 10th anniversary

Under the slogan “Circulate”, the 10th Mikser festival took place on several locations at lower Dorćol, from May 24th to 25th. The main topic of the festival was circular economy.

The program of this year’s Mikser Festival consisted of 9 program units: “Shift” conference, “Circulation” workshops, Innovation Expo, Design Zone, CirculArt, Food 2.0, Mikser bazaar, Mikser Kids Hub and of course the music program.



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 The World.Minds Conference was held in Belgrade.

This unique event has been held for 12 years in Switzerland and this is the first time to be held in any other country.The community of World.Minds has over 1000 members, including Nobel Prize winners, statesmen, scientists, university professors, ambassadors, writers, special people who have made a significant contribution to science, art and business. The conference can be attended only by invitation.

Marsh Creative Production was a local production support at the Conference in Belgrade.


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The third edition of Kontakt was held, a manifestation that deals with music business in special manner. During four days, at Cetinjska Street, it gathered a great number of representatives of the biggest and most important music festivals from the region, as well as the representatives of institutions, music houses, managers and numerous musicians.

Kontakt 2019 visited over 15000 people. This year’s program took place in 15 locations, through 82 programs with 130 participants from 14 countries. Kontakt 2019 was officialy opened with the exhibition of Ms.Vesna Pavlović, named “Mixtape” in Marsh Open Space.  Rich conference program this year was also addressing the important festival issues, with the main topic: how to make a successful festival?

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Great year for Marsh Creative Production & Marsh Open Space !

67 productiones

63 days of micro events #marshopenspace #gsk #inbox #amcham #komisia#reebok

#h&m #izahorizonta #hajdesanjajmesanjaj #philipmorris #ueps #click #sensa#menshealth #smartkolektiv #beogradskaotvorenaskola #novakfoundation#daretobeoriginal #kontaktkonferencija #balkanpeaceroad
#raiffeisenbank #webiz #nescafe #nosleepfestival #exitfestival #mars#molsoncoors #huawei #purina #roche #ironladies

4 months of group coworking #remoteyear #marshopenspace

3 exhibitiones #gorankamatic #nenadmarjanovic #daviddjordjevic

1 race #colorrunning

2 festivals #indigo #krokodil

5 conferences #kontakt #creativeforumljubljana #daretobeoriginal #srbija21 #culture&creativetalks

1 tribute concert #hajdesanjajmesanjaj

1 charity night #belhospice

1 award ceremony #osvajanjeslobode

1 tv show / games production #kmetija #videostroj

Thank you friends and associates !

Let`s rock 2019 !

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On December 18, 2018, in Ljubljana, in the City Museum of Ljubljana, the first in a row of one-day international conferences named “Culture and Creative talks” was held.

The topic of the first conference was the creative industry.

Initiated by the Department for Culture of the City of Ljubljana, these talks have the aim to initiate the necessary dialogue on Ljubljana’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in 2025.

The talks were attended by international lecturers as well as the professionals from the public, private and NGO sectors of Ljubljana.

At the conference there were also talks about the regional and European experiences on the issues of the creative industry and the European Capital of Culture project.

The concept and executive production of the Conference – Marsh Creative Production

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1st of December, BELhospice organised the 9th BELhospice Charity Ball “A Cruise with a Purpose˝ at Hyatt Regency Belgrade. With the support of representatives of diplomatic cord and corporate sector as well as numerous individuals, this event raised 74,000 EUR and these funds will be used for free of charge palliative care to cancer patients through 1000 home visits as well as for the Day care services which will be provided in the first hospice centre in Serbia.

Our charity cruise was hosted by lovely Nina Radulović and Dejan Pantelić. During the evening, guests had the opportunity to enjoy performances of Snežana Savičić Sekulić, National theatre opera soloist, pianist Hrvoje Ivović, string quartet Habanera and dancers Katarina Gromilić, Bojana Žegarac, Olga Olćan, Igor Pastor, Milan Rus i Milan Gromilić.

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More than a fifth of citizens or 22% want to move from Serbia. This is illustrated by the research “Why people want to leave Serbia” conducted by “Serbia 21” in June and July this year, on a sample of thousands of adult citizens of Serbia. The presentation of the research results was held in the Sava Center on October 14, 2018.

Serbia 21 – The Center for Future Serbia is a think tank organization, formed in June 2018, with the ambition of defining key issues important for the functioning of Serbian society in the conditions of major challenges on a global and local level.

Marsh Creative Production realized this event.

More at: SERBIA 21

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The first conference of Novak Djokovic’s Foundation, “Dare to be original”, entrusted the executive production to Marsh. It was held from 01-03.10.2018, at Dorćol Platz, Marsh Open Space and Startit.

The main topic of the Conference was entrepreneurship, and the keynote speaker of the conference was the EU innovator for 2017 Ms. Michela Magaš.

PHOTO : For NDF Jelena Ivanović & Nemanja Branković

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The “Osvajanje slobode” Award Ceremony was held for 18th time, Like every year, on 24th of September, the “Maja Maršićević Tasić” Foundation has organized the Award Ceremony giving the statuette of Mr. Mrđan Bajić to the winner.
The award is given to women for their contribution to the work and the promotion of human rights, legal state, democracy and tolerance in communication. Previous winners are Olja Bećković, Goranka Matić, Biljana Srbljanović, Ružica Đinđić, Borka Pavićević, Hedvig Morvai, Lila Radonjić, Mirjana Karanović, Srbijanka Turajlić, Verica Barać, Aida Ćorović, Dubravka Stojanović, Brankica Stanković, Danica Popović, Danica Vučenić, Ljiljana Spasić and Tamara Skrozza.

On behalf of the fund.Srđa Popović addressed the guests.

This year, for the first time, the prize was awarded to two winners: Svetlana Lukić and Svetlana Vuković from Peščanik.

Award was organized at the Center for Cultural Decontamination.

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The fourth edition of Color running powered by Tikkurila was held on September 23, 2018, in New Belgrade. One of the most popular racing events gathered a large number of people who showed us how much this race is attractive. This year, we have realized two races for children and one for adults. Our production had a very complex project and thanks to the support of the City of Belgrade and the Municipality of Novi Beograd, we successfully realized another Color running.

Thank you “Running Club” and huge thanks to Milena Berić on this colorful big bang, energy and confidence.

FOTO : Marija Piroški, Jelena COE & Alex Dmitrović

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We had the honour to participate in the campaign organized by The Serbian Brewery Association named ”TREZNO I OPREZNO IZABERI ODGOVORNO”. September 16th, is marked as Global Beer Responsible Day. Thanks to this event, Serbia also joined. Several events were carried out within this campaign. The artist painted a special mural on the wall within Cetinjska 15 quart. A special video message in collaboration with the Una Saga Serbica dance company was sent and professional and one expert workshop was held.

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INDIGO, Festival of Contemporary Ideas

5.–7. September 2018

Using the principles of collaboration, accessibility and transitivity, the festival integrates cultural and scientific institutions with nongovernmental organisations and creative individuals.
This year̕s third edition of Indigo is dedicated to rumours: a silent force that affects public opinion and behaviour. Rumours affect personal decisions and relations between people and communities. They can be silent or spoken out loud, intentional or unintentional. The subjects of rumours are often the last to find out about them. They can be about anything and anyone, and the greater the uncertainty, the more they are present. The more scandalous they are, the sooner they start and the faster they spread, and there is no way of stopping them. Their consequences are unpredictable. Whether we like it or not, we are part of them and they affect all of us. Rumours are politics, rumours are a commodity, rumours are power, rumours are a weapon. Rumours form the background of the creative reflections that Indigo will share with festivalgoers via exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures and debates with noted artists and theorists from Slovenia and abroad.

The festival will run from 5 to 7 September, with events taking place at public cultural and academic institutions and NGOs and in the open air – in French Revolution Square and the surrounding streets.

Production : Marsh Creative Production & MGML

More at: INDIGO 2018. RUMORS

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Marsh ​P​roduction​ team​ joined the​ Krokodil​ Festival​ on its ​10th edition named​ “​KROKODILovih 10”.

This year​,​due to weather conditions, the festival was held in two location​s:​ at the Kombank Hall​ (day I)​ and​ (day II)​ ​in ​
​the Amphitheater in front of the Museum of Yugoslavia​.​

​Program participants:​ ​
Mira Furlan, Slavenka Drakulić, Dubravka Ugrešić, Vedrana Rudan, Marko Vidojković, Abdulah Sidran, Marko Tomaš, Rumena Bužarkovska, Marko Šelić, Dejan Atanacković, Boris Dežulović, sa Zoranom Kesićem i Newsbar,Kralj Čačka and Bojana Vunturišević.


Photo : Marija Piroški (Day 1) & Srđan Veljović (Day 2)

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  Friends, associates and admirers, fellow musicians, celebrated the 60th birthday of Vlada Divljan with a magnificent concert “Hajde sanjaj me, sanjaj” on Thursday evening, May 10th in the sold out Sava Center. 
The audience had the opportunity to listen to songs that Vlada created and played with different bands and collaborators: Idoli, Srđan Šaper, Srđan Gojković-Gile, Old Stars bend, Nevladina organizacija and Ljetno kino.
  This representative performance of Divljan’s rich authoring and performing career, was carried out in two parts.
In the first part, the bass player Zdenko Kolar and pianist Saša Šandorov were leading the Nevladina organizacija band (with drummer Marko Milivojević and percussionist Boris Bunjac), with the support of the members of Magic Bush (guitarists Damjan Dašić and Marko Ćalić).
In the second part of the concert, the main role was played by the band with whom Divljan performed at the last stage of his career, led by his close associate and longtime friend Maks Juričić, as well as members of the Ljetno kino – Jurij Novoselić, Marino Pelajić, Vlade Matulić, Buki Filipović, Stane Kovačić, Ante Prgin.
  Guest appearances (in the order of performance): Dušan Kojić-Koja, Kokan Popović, Zoran Kostić-Cane, Goran Vasović-Vaske, Boris Mladenović-Bomla, Nebojša Antonijević-Anton, Dejan Cukić, Dejan Vučetić-Vuča, Saša Lošić-Loša, Zoran Predin, Rambo Amadeus, Bojana Vunturišević, Srđan Gojković Gile (via video link), Kornelije Bata Kovač, Darko Rundek and Momčilo Bajagić-Bajaga.
  At the end of the concert, all the participants jointly performed Vlada’s song “Odnesi me”, and on the stage among musicians, were also Vlada’s sons Stevan and Pavle.
  The concert was organized by Long Play and Marsh Creative Production.

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First international conference dedicated to creative industries – Creative Forum Ljubljana was successfully realized. During this two day conference, 11-12 April 2018, the Program introduced 7 panel discussions and 3 presentations, as well as 1 exhibition opening.


Total of 46 speakers from 28 countries participated in the Conference Program


High level political representatives also participated:Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, H.E. Karl Erjavec, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, H.E. Igor Crnadak, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jorge Borrego, Secretary General ad interim of the Union for the Mediterranean, Diego Marani, Senior advisor on cultural policy, European External Action Service, Doris Pack, Former Chair of the European Committee on Culture and Education in the European Parliament…

The conference also promoted the new initiative Arteria Creative Network, which will promote and network the creative people in the Western Balkans in the coming years.

Creative Forum Ljubljana was organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Union for the Mediterranean.

Supported by: the City of Ljubljana, Center for Creativity / Museum of Architecture and Design and Ljubljana Festival.

Executive Production: Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana and Marsh Creative Production.


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The 2nd edition of the Kontakt Music Conference will be held in Belgrade from March 21st to 24th, 2018 with a rich and diverse program of 25 concerts and DJ performances and 3 exhibitions..

A total of 70 participants from 9 countries are expected.As last year, the conference is held before the upcoming festival season in our region. The central topic of this year’s Kontakt is the self-sufficiency of the festivals.

The 2nd edition of Kontakt Conference will bring together representatives of the 18 most important festivals in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia, who will point out new trends through examples of good practice, inspirational discussions, creative panels and public discussions, and who will even more clearly map the region for the development of the music industry.

Kontakt 2018 locations: Marsh Open Space, Elektropionir, Zaokret, Sprat, SubBeernicentar, Ljubimac, Šikarica cafe and Cultural Center Dom omladine Belgrade.

Kontakt Conference is organised by: the concert agency Odličan Hrčak, Marsh Creative Production and Kišobran Collective.

Participation in the Conference is free of charge.

More about Kontakt at : KONTAKT CONFERENCE


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Atelje 212 played host to UEPS’ 2017 awards ceremony.

At the longest-standing national professional association’s 57th anniversary, which brought together many prominent guests, 2017’s best marketing creators received kudos for their efforts.

This year saw 15 gold, 21 silver, and 28 bronze awards presented in 17 categories and 21 subcategories, including also those for best copy, art direction, music, and film direction.

The awards were presented by the UEPS Board of Directors’ Chairman Viktor Nikolić and members of the jury panel.

The event’s guests of honor included the Ministry of Culture and Information’s State Secretary Aleksandar Gajović, director Stanko Crnobrnja, renowned TV host Tamara Grujić, Radio Belgrade’s Editor-in-Chief Radoman Kanjevac, and Media Marketing’s Editor-in-Chief Ekrem Dupanović.

The Grand Prix was presented last year’s winner of the award—Dejan Nedić.

In addition, Lazar and Žarko Sakan, who continue to walk the creative path mapped out by their father, traditionally presented this year’s Dragan Sakan award in the form of a performance acknowledging all marketing creatives who came before.

Read more about the awards ceremony on UEPS

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The eighth annual BELhospice Charity Ball took place on 25 November 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Belgrade.  This year’s event was themed around honoring the legendary James Bond movies, and the slogan “Let’s bond for the ones in need” was completely lived up to.

The evening auction raised significant funds for the construction of the first palliative care nursing home in Serbia.Numerous diplomats and businesspersons truly demonstrated what charity at work looks like.This event proved that balls have definitely not lost their allure, but its greatest value was not in the glamorous ensembles, well-dressed gentlemen, and good time, but instead in the desire and need to help others.

The program was performed by the Academy of Arts’ students under the baton of professor of theater direction Milan Nešković.

Marsh Creative Production is very proud of the entire team, as well as the dear people around us.

We want to thank everyone for the wonderful energy and filling our hearts with pride.

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This year, Marsh Production started its partnership with Serbia’s world-renowned Nordeus.

We had the unique pleasure of working with one of the most creative companies in Serbia by planning a singular five-day team building event. Brave and special as they are, they were open to different ideas and new experiences. The specially tailored team building activities for this special bunch included elements of big mass games, an open-air escape room that lasted ten hours, special parties, and special aromas and flavors.

It’s very gratifying to be designing and implementing different ideas, and we thank the Nordeus staff for their trust.

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The Osvajanje slobode Award was held for 17th time, Like every year, on 24th of September, the “Maja Maršićević Tasić” Foundation has organized the Award Ceremony giving the statuette of Mr. Mrđan Bajić to the winner.
The award is given to women for their contribution to the work and the promotion of human rights, legal state, democracy and tolerance in communication.Previous winners are Olja Bećković, Goranka Matić, Biljana Srbljanović, Ružica Đinđić, Borka Pavićević, Hedvig Morvai, Lila Radonjić, Mirjana Karanović, Srbijanka Turajlić, Verica Barać, Aida Ćorović, Dubravka Stojanović, Brankica Stanković, Danica Popović, Danica Vučenić and Ljiljana Spasić
Seventeen winner of the Osvajanje slobode Award is Tamara Skrozza.
For the second time the Award Ceremony took place at Reks.


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Marsh Creative Production has helped the realization of the teaser video for the needs of the forthcoming 15th Belgrade Dance Festival 2018.

The video was realized by: creative director and producer Aja Jung, director and director of photography Mihajlo Savić, ballerina Gala Jovanović, costume designer Angelina Atlagić, production director Marko Maršićević, executive producer Anja Jeremić, editor Dejan Špagnut, production assistant Milan Zarić, assistant costume designer Evica Mančić, costume department assistant Vesna Stančić, makeup artist Ljiljana Petrović, cameraman Vesna Ćurčić, camera assistant Dragan Trifunović and driver Tomislav Laovski.

The video was filmed in Belgrade in September 2017.

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One of the world’s most popular and exciting themed runs, which is best known for the runners getting splashed with organic colors while running, took place for the third consecutive year in Belgrade under the name Color RUNNING powered by Tikkurila.

At ten o’clock sharp, the sunny Dorćol morning echoed with an air horn blast that kicked off the kids race drawing as many as 250 children aged one to ten.

After the warm-up, the impatient youngest runners gathered at the starting line to tear across 900 feet and—scattered with colors from head to toe—get their medal and a deserved color packet. The kids enjoyed many fun activities prepared by the organizers and the partners in the kids version of the paint race titled Color RUNNING powered by Tikkurila.

Come midday, 800 adult runners started the most colorful city run wearing crisp white Color RUNNING T-shirts, getting blasted with vibrant colors every half a mile by the volunteers and finishing the 2.5-mile run marbled with six colors from head to toe. After the Urban Fitness Hangar team’s warm-up, the race was kicked off by Stari grad City Municipality President Marko Bastać, who joined his constituents in the 3-mile run.

Miloš Milosavljević was the first to get to the finish line, while Biljana Cvijanović was the fastest female runner.

The run’s gold sponsor Tikkurila rewarded the winners in all categories, and this year saw the youngest, the oldest, and the most cheerful contestants receive awards for the first time.

Color RUNNING powered by Tikkurila was organized by the RUNNING sports club.

Belgrade’s Fitness and Recreation Association co-organized and supported the race.

Partners included the Stari grad City Municipality and the city of Belgrade’s Secretariat for Sport and Youth, while Jeep provided technical assistance.

Other backers endorsing the event were Nikon, Frutabela, Reebok, Esensa, Oriflame, Knjaz Miloš, Urban Fitness Hangar, Ustanova kulture Parobrod, and many more.

Media partners: Play radio station and NOIZZ.

Executive producers: Marsh Creative Production



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Indigo Festival 2017 – Truth and Lies, which took place between 6 and 8 September 2017 in the “Indigo Quarter” (at the French Revolution Square and in the streets surrounding it), presented us with lectures, conversations, concerts, exhibitions, shows, performances and workshops on the syntagma of “truth and lies”.

During these three days, 35 events took place and the festival hosted more than 90 lecturers, designers, performers, musicians and other artists from 14 countries. More than 2000 local and foreign visitors attended the festival.

During the 3 festival day Five exhibition were open, also a three-day programme of lectures and talks, which was attended by the cult British designer Jonathan Barnbrook, cofounder of the Société Réaliste collective Ferenc Gróf, Đorđe Balmazović – Žole from the Serbian collective Škart, one of the most renowned Croatian designers Lana Cavar and renowned philosophers Renata Salecl and Robert Pfaller.

Glej Theatre staged two shows: Križanke Church was the set for two musical events: the audiovisual performance Alex Augier: _nybble_ and Where Do You Draw the Line?, a project by the Croatian singer-songwriter Sara Renar.

A concert of the French band Papooz was held at the French Revolution Square.

The ZRC SAZU Atrium became the stage for the premiere of House, a dance performance by choreographer Matej Kejžar, while Križanke Church staged the Better News performance by the artist Miyuki Nishizawa.Three workshops were carried outIn the ZRC SAZU Atrium we listened to two events:The “Indigo Quarter” was lit every night by light objects and installations by Borut Savski and Stefan Doepner, on Thursday night we were also able to walk through the quarter with KUD Ljud at the Night-Time Streetwalker.”Hair editor” Robert transferred his hair studio to the French Revolution Square and gave passers-by new haircuts in public.

  • Each day ended with a DJ Night
  • Indigo festival was organised by City Museum of Ljubljana and Marsh Creative Production


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“Many kinds of shoes, many kinds of people” a photo exhibition by Belgrade photographer Nebojša Babić was opened in Marsh Open Space, on June 16th.

The inspiration for the exhibition the author Nebojša Babić finds in the diversity of human characters as well as in their disclosure. It is the diversity itself that makes the human population so interesting and always open for exploration. By observing the shoes, the step, the way of walking or even just a detail, we can find that part of one’s personality, an attitude toward yourself or life itself. By taking pictures of passersby the author explored, met people, without disturbing their world, giving the visitors of this exhibition the opportunity to imagine that world themselves.

The exhibition will be open for the next 4 months.

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In early June, the digital nomads checked into Marsh Open Space, who arrived in Belgrade in organization by the American company Remote Year.This company organizes trips around the world.

Belgrade officially became part of their program in 2017, along with Lima, Prague, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Bangkok, Hanoi, Cordoba, Bogotá, Lisbon, Valencia, Cape Town, Mexico City, Santiago, Kyoto and other world cities.

The guests will stay in Belgrade for the next four months.

More information : REMOTE YEAR


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The 11th Supernatural Festival was held at Ada Huja, and for the first time lasted two days. Due to weather conditions, the distance between the two festival days was one month.On the first festival day, April 22nd, performed: Nula radio & Rebel B, Sharks, Snakes and Planes, Del Arno Band and Beogradski Sindikat.On the second festival day, May 21st, performed: “Čarolija” Choir and Leontina, DF Choir, Lollobrigida, Irie FM, Kanda, Kodža and Nebojša and Nikola Vranjković.

Supernatural visitors could enjoy the authentic gastronomy of Serbia.

At the Green Market, they could buy Serbian products of the highest quality, from small agricultural households of Belgrade surroundings, as well as from Velika Plana, Leskovac and Stara Planina.

The Green Community of the Organic Organizations introduced visitors with all aspects of environmental protection.

The guests also visited the Wellness Workshops such as: Capoeira, Yoga, Tai Chi, as well as various programs for kids.






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In cooperation with TAG Media and supported by Marsh Open Space, the seventh meeting of the AmCham Marketing and Communications Group held a panel discussion on video format and on-line marketing.

Moderator of the panel, Radomir Lale Marković, Executive Director of TAG Media, introduced the participants to the historical context of the development of video production, pointed out the key terms and developed the questions needed to lead the companies and brands in a definition of on-line video performance: target audience, a form of advertising, content, metrics & analysis and budgeting.

After the introduction, Marković opened the panel discussion: ”Video format: the Fastest Reach to Your Audiences with the participation of Rade Tričković, General Manager at Httpool, Ivan Bildi, Internet Marketing Expert and Dragana Jović Tucakov, Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

During the panel, Tričković commented on the trends and the value of advertising on the Internet and said that the video format is a form of advertising that will be dominant in the coming years because with the help of videos for a short time ( an average of 60 seconds) we can gain the attention of viewers, especially if the content is attractive. Tričković explained some metric specifics of video advertising on the Internet, such as measurability and segmentation, which enable companies, at every moment, to exactly defined target groups interested in the content, monitor the results and the number of views, which is not the case with TV advertising, where it is not possible to avoid the negative effects of advertising.

Ivan Bildi presented the ways in which we can implement video advertising on social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube, noting that in recent years more and more companies have decided to present products and services on social networks with the help of video advertising. In this respect, social networks offer a number of options, such as live streaming, where we can attract the attention of viewers for potential clients. The latest trend in video advertising is that the video content is unmounted, is very short and after being watched disappears forever, which will be the main challenge to which companies must adapt and implement in their marketing strategies on the Internet.

Dragana Jović Tucakov described some of the positive experiences of companies in the use of video advertising, where the video format can be used not only for external, but for internal communication. The data show that the percentage of video advertising has grown by over 180%, and that in the future this trend will continue to grow. This means that the percentage of use of video advertising will increase in Serbia, but now the growth rate of the budget of advertisers in Serbia is in three digits. This confirms that video advertising is our near future and it should become an integral part of marketing strategy on the Internet.

The panel was opened to a session of questions from the audience.

The event was organized in cooperation and with technical support by Marsh Open Space.

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First regional KONTAKT Conference was held in Belgrade, on March 22-24. It was organized by Marsh Creative Production and “Odličan Hrčak” concert agency. During three days 9 concerts and 6 structural panels were organized.

KONTAKT Conference was created out of the real need for networking between the organizers and promoters of regional music festivals, tourism associations and organizations, cultural centers, clubs, and other representatives in culture and art.

The Conference arose from the need to create a clear infrastructure in the music business and to remove cultural boundaries in the region, because the music festivals are main tourist attraction of the Balkan countries, and musical tourism is becoming increasingly popular both in Europe and in the world.

More than 30 panelists and speakers from seven countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Norway) raised important topics related to the music festival tourism. 9 concerts (Laka, E-Play, Nežni Dalibor, RIB from Macedonia, Koala Voice from Slovenia, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, Degeneza and Vizelj) and 4 panel discussions were held:


– Festivals as City Promoters

– Festivals as Destinations

– Festivals from idea to realization

– Contemporary Discography

as well as 2 showcases:

– MENT / Kino Šiška (Slovenia)

– Phonofile (Norway)


The representatives of the most important festivals took the participation in the KONTAKT Conference. Through examples of good practice, inspiring discussions, creative panels and public discussions, they pointed out the new trends, making an important step in mapping the region even more clearly as a very fertile ground for the development of the music industry. Among them are: Exit, Lovefest, Demofest, Indigo, Ment, Mikser festival, Arsenal, Nišville, Supernatural, Dev9t, Southern Soul, Musicology, Outlook, Bedem fest, OK fest, Sea Rock and many other leading regional tourist festival brands, as well as many bookers and music managers.

The first regional KONTAKT Conference was set on a solid foundation. In its next edition, it will initiate the new topics while continuing to work on construction of music festival infrastructure, encouragement of cultural exchange and development of regional tourism.

KONTAKT konferencija


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Towards the upcoming 14th Belgrade Dance Festival, a photo exhibition “Zlatno doba” by Vladimir Bačlija was opened in Marsh Open Space.

The exhibition “Zlatno doba” is composed of original works created in the seventies. The author Vladimir Bačlija dedicated it to the Belgrade ballet and some of his finest years in which our ballet scene was part of a large international scene.

The exhibition was opened by Aja Jung, founder and director of the Belgrade Dance Festival. “I think that Belgrade is really starting to breathe dance, going towards the upcoming Belgrade Dance Festival. For the 14th consecutive year, on March 24th, this great game of dance starts again. I hope that some day, thanks to the Belgrade Dance Festival, the Belgrade ballet will be able to shine with the same brilliance again”, said Aja Jung.

The guests were welcomed by Marko Maršićević who said that the newly opened Marsh Open Space, among its many functions, will also be the host of various events such as the “Zlatno doba” exhibition which was realized in cooperation with the Belgrade Dance Festival.

At the opening, in addition to numerous guests, Marija Janković, prima ballerina and teacher of classical ballet and HRH Princess Jelisaveta Karađorđević were also present.

The exhibition “Zlatno doba” will be open for public during the next three months.


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Marsh Open Space has opened its doors.

In the new space, at 15 Cetinjska St, a unique center of creativity is launched, a place where in addition to regular daily coworking activities, many other programs will be taking place.

Our wish is to provide an opportunity, especially for young people, to find their own place for work under favorable conditions. Marsh Open Space has emerged from extensive teamwork experience. We recognized the need for new and different.Our space is primarily intended for the purposes of office work (coworking), whether you need just one chair, a table or a private room.Depending on your needs, you can use it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Marsh Open Space has the ability of fast and multifunctional transformation and can become an exhibition space, a place for discussions, promotions, events, celebrations, shootings and other programs.A distinctive design and architecture of the interior, the work of architect Marko Basarovski, exudes the feel of inspiration and creativity.

Marsh Production Lab is also at your disposal – a Creative Production Team of professionals with extensive experience in creating and organizing all types of events in Serbia, as well as in the region and worldwide.

In our Community Corner you can enjoy in variety of coffees, Supernatural teas and Kors craft beer.

The opening starts with the promotional period during the month of March, when you will be able to use our services under more favorable conditions.


MARSH Open Space

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The Osvajanje slobode Award was held for 16th time, Like every year, on 24th of September, the “Maja Maršićević Tasić” Foundation has organized the Award Ceremony giving the statuette of Mr. Mrđan Bajić to the winner.
The award is given to women for their contribution to the work and the promotion of human rights, legal state, democracy and tolerance in communication.Previous winners are Olja Bećković, Goranka Matić, Biljana Srbljanović, Ružica Đinđić, Borka Pavićević, Hedvig Morvai, Lila Radonjić, Mirjana Karanović, Srbijanka Turajlić, Verica Barać, Aida Ćorović, Dubravka Stojanović, Brankica Stanković, Danica Popović and Danica Vučenić.
Sixteenth winner of the Osvajanje slobode Award is Ljiljana Spasić.
For the first time the Award Ceremony took place at Parobrod.


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On Saturday 10 September the first edition of the festival Indigo – No Fear ended with Reflections, an impressive audio-visual performance inside the Križanke Church. During the festival’s four days, visitors had the opportunity to partake in numerous events that took place in Ljubljana’s “Indigo” quarter (around the Gosposka and Križevniška streets and between the French Revolution Square and Novi trg Square).
We opened three exhibitions: Fist in the eye – a poster exhibition on the French Revolution Square, the exhibition Retorika – The Moment After by Bara Kolenc and Atej Tutta at the Vžigalica Gallery, New Analogue by the Young Balkan Design Network in the atrium of ZRC SAZU and one installation: Bus Station, designed by Lara Papov and Gregor Rozman, students at the Academy of Visual Arts.
We prepared a three-day programme of lectures and discussions Hard Talks with the active involvement from local and foreign experts (topics: Design; Architecture, art, design; Ecology).
Two shows have been performed: Thyestes, a new production by director Ivica Buljan and the show Oh, the Time for Tomorrow has Finally Come, a collaboration between Poljane Secondary School and the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana.
We prepared a three-day programme of experimental documentary cinema, essay film, ethnography and digital images, a selection of works made by Nace Zavrl, a film studies graduate from the prestigious King’s College London.
The Križanke courtyard was for three days occupied by the Poligon Creative Centre, a platform for the enablement of the self-employed. Students of the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana prepared a an open school of drawing for the passers-by, while Hair editing by Robert gave haircuts right on the Križevniška Street during the festival.
The Križanke Church was the venue for two concerts: Bowrain and Reflections.
The facade of the City Museum of Ljubljana came to life each evening of the festival with video mapping.
Every day of the festival ended with a DJ set (Drago Ivanuša, Sašo Kalan, Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, DJ Bayo).
The festival hosted more than 100 lecturers, designers, musicians and other artists from eighteen countries. It was visited by thousands local and foreign visitors.

At the end of the festival we would like to thank all of our partners, who supported us in this new project, everyone who poured their energy into the project and, of course, our visitors. It is thanks to them that there can be “no fear” when it comes to thinking about the festival’s second edition.

Marsh Creative Production launched this festival together with City Museum of Ljubljana.


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With the concert held at Tasmajdan, under the slogan “Taš je naš”, Partibrejkers gave a spectacular event for 10.000 fans.

Tašmajdan stadium, a musical heart of Belgrade was beating as one, in the rhythm of songs from their latest album “Sirotinjsko carstvo”, as well as some of their biggest hits:Hiljadu godina, Srce kuca tu je, Noćas u gradu, Ono što pokušavam sad, Rođen loš, Kreni prema meni, Prsten, Mesečeva Kći, Ona sve zna, Put za jug and many more.

The guests were bands “Drakula i Šampioni” and “Dža ili Bu”, and on the stage Partibrejkrs were also joined by Srđan Gojković-Gile and Branimir Petrović-Banana from “Električni orgazam” and Dušan Kojić-Koja from “Disciplina Kičme”.

The concert was organized by Studio Berar, Executive Production by Marsh Creative Production

2 Partibrejkers Tas je Nas visual

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The eighth Mikser Festival, the largest regional festival of creativity and innovation, was held for the fifth time in the Savamala neighborhood of Belgrade, from 8 – 12 June 2016 at more than 40 locations with the participation of 1,000 creators. This year’s Mikser Festival came under the slogan “Sensitive Society”, and was characterized by themes of gender equality and female creativity, social equality, open dialogue, multiculturalism and more efficient conflict resolution. The focus of this year’s Mikser Festival was threefold. In the spotlight were female creativity and gender equality, as well as the refugee crisis and possible directions for integration into European society, and, lastly, the opening of a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The program was divided into several segments, including: Mikser Talks, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, debates, performances, music, children and youth programs, Mikser Cinema, with the common denominator of all program being the removal of boundaries based on gender, age, racial, ethnic, religious or cultural differences that people face.

Executive Production of the festival was done by Marsh Creative Production for the seventh time.

2 Mikser 2016

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Supernatural celebrated its jubilee, 10 years since its foundation.This anniversary was marked by unique birthday picnic on 23rd of April, at Hajdučka česma in Košutnjak, where the first Supernatural festival was held.Throughout the day, all fans of the festival could enjoy in a wonderful day and numerous programs that were divided into 3 segments: a musical program, wellness program and Supenatural market.
In the musical part of the program were: DJ Brka, Vlada Janjic, the Good life team and many others.
In the Wellness program visitors were practicing yoga and Capoeira and gaining skills and knowledge about nutrition through the program of Ms. Boba Vujnović.
On the Supernatural market were numerous exhibitors of healthy food.
Executive Production of the festival was done by Marsh Creative Production.


1 Supernatiral Piknik 2016

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The National Tourism Organization of Serbia promoted the film about the course of the Danube through Serbia.
This story promotes Serbia’s natural beauty, traditions and cities along the coast of the Danube, in the best possible way.
The production of the film is signed by Supernatural, directed by Srdjan Stankovic, Executive Production by Marsh Creative Production.

13 Dunav u Srbiji 588 impresija visual

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On December 17th, in front of full New Belgrade Sports Hall, YU Grupa, the longest running band on the local scene, held a spectacular concert celebrating its 45 years of pure rock’n’roll.
They gave the audience a real journey through almost half century of rock and roll, showing once again an incredible energy by which the band became and remained a recognizable.
With special guests of this real rock’n’roll spectacle, Radomir Mihajlović Točak, Koja “Disciplin A Kitchme”, Zoran Kostić Cane “Partibrejkersi”, Nikola Čuturilo, Zoran Milovanović,
the fans of true rock’n’roll enjoyed in various hits such as Čudna Šuma, Mornar, Od zlata jabuka, Kome se raduješ, Zaboravi, Opasno, Dunavom još šibaju vetrovi that have marked the past 45 years of rock’n’roll on our scene. They also introduced a few new hits from their upcoming album such as Panika, Evo stojim tu and Ko.
YU Grupa continues to be faithful to true rock and roll sound on their new 12th studio album (soon to be released).
The concert was organized by Studio Berar, Executive Production by Marsh Creative Production.


YU-grupa-40x30 sa gostima visual final

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Celebrating 45 years of the band, YU Grupa held a celebrative mini concert at Studio 6 at Radio Belgrade. The selected audience had the opportunity to enjoy a one-hour performance representing the opus of their career. Also on this occasion Yu Grupa presented the two songs that should appear on their new album.
This concert is an introduction to the concert which will take place on December 17th at New Belgrade Sports Hall.
Concert at Studio 6 was organised by Studio Berar and Marsh Creative Production in cooperation with Radio Beograd 202 and Radio Television of Serbia which broadcasted the show

10 YU grupa studio 6 pozivnica

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This year No Ordinary Agency gave us the trust and privilege to be a part of the world’s biggest DJ competition… On an island that lives to party, Ibiza, in the hottest clubs, the most visited beaches, the wildest parties, we have realized the web and TV format called burn Residency 2015. It was a great honor to work with great Carl Cox. Executive Producer of the show Uroš Lazić, Director Aleksandra Gajić. Thank you all for great cooperation!

12 burn 2015 vest

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Marsh Production once again had great pleasure to create a game concept and realize its production for the 2nd season of the Strix reality show format “The Farm” (in Slovenia “Kmetija : Nov Začetek”), in cooperation with Paprika Latino, Slovenia. This format with its 2nd season continues to keep its high rating positions.

10 Kmetija

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 Avon and its campaign “A million reasons to… : Be a part of the Pink Team!”, this year has again set our country on the world breast cancer awareness calendar. Month of October and the traditional pink campaign, with the support of the American Embassy, the B92 Fund, the Ministry of Health and the Olaf & McAteer agency, this time took place at a new location – the central sports fields on Ada Ciganlija. Sports day and a lot of support of young people through volleyball, basketball, yoga, Kin Jo, Tai Chi, Capoeira.

The winners of the day were definitely guys who showed their support by participating in the High Heel Race.

Thank you all for a fantastic day and positive energy.

avon pecat


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Piran – the host of creativity

On 27th of August in the city of Piran, 15th Piran Idea Festival was opened. This year’s festival was opened by the Mayor of Piran Mr. Peter Bossman, who thanked all the participants of the festival and wished that it lasts at least for another fifty years.On this occasion, in front of the Tartini Theatre an exhibition of graphic solutions that have marked the previous festivals was opened.In previous 15 years the festival visited over 1000 people from 44 countries.In previous years, many famous individuals from all over the world spoke about their creativity among others Aleksej Širov, Chris Brown, Alex McKie, Anna Barez, Bob Deutsch, Michael Nyman, Bob Garfield, Edward de Bono, Goran Bregović, Milan Kučan, Hermann Vaske, Jack Portman, Rambo Amadeus, Tom Phillips, Michael Conrad, Peter Halasz, Jovan Ćirilov, Rolf Jensen, Srećko Kantanec, Gyorgy Konrad and many others.

This year the festival delegates from 15 countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Russia, Cyprus, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Ukraine had the opportunity to listen to the lectures of Phil Dickinson, owner of the “Some Ideas” agency from London and a former creative director of Nike, Graham Lang CCO Y&R, South Africa & Africa, Marco Cremona, Creative Lead, Google Russia, Jaime Mandelbaum, CCO Y&R Central & Eastern Europe, Dusan Drakalski, Regional Creative Director New Moment Y&R and Lazar Džamić Head of Brand Planning of Google ZOO London.

The festival ended with the Award Ceremony on Saturday 29th of August.

6 piran idea logo 2015


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7th Mikser Festival, the largest regional festival of creativity and innovation, was held for the fourth time in the Belgrade district of Savamala, from 3rd to the 7th of June 2015 under the slogan of “Neizdrž”.With the participation of nearly 1,000 artists from the country, the region and the world, this year’s Mikser Festival emphasized the social potential of creative work and activism as a way out of the moral, social and economic crisis.Tens of thousands of visitors of Savamala had the opportunity to visit numerous programs in the Mikser House, the Creative Hub and the Miksalište.For the first time, this year the festival was broadcasted on the internet via live stream and a half million people have seen at least one of the Mikser’s Facebook posts.

In the music part of the program the audience was delighted with Ana Popovic, The Partybreakers, Goblins, Artan Lili, TBF, Darkwood Dub, Viva Vox, Dejan Petrovic Big Bend, E-play.

For the 6th time the team of the Marsh Creative Production was taking care of the production of the Mikser Festival.


5 Mikser festival 2015 visual



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The Spectacular Viva Vox Choir marked their 10th anniversary with a grand concert in Belgrade Kombank Arena in front of 10000 visitors. The audience had the opportunity to see the extremely demanding production as well as a unique combination of singing, video and light effects. The stage was specially designed for this occasion by the Stage Pro company; it was consisted of 10 levels, having a total total size of 600 m2.For the first time, the audience in the Belgrade Arena had the opportunity to see the spectacular light show with more than 200 moving light headsproduced by Studio Berar. The Audio Konstruktor company took care of the sound, and for the sound system the Martin – Glastonbury Edition was provided along withcomplex audio setting with over 30 monitors and 70 microphones. Especially for this occasion the largest projection screen in the region was rented as well as the projector of 50,000 ANSI lumens. Videosector was led by the Zoom Media company.

Marsh Creative Production Team ran the complete production of the show.

2 VIVA VOX arena visual

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The 9th Supernatural festival was held In Belgrade in executive production of Marsh Creative Production.

Over 10,000 visitors enjoyed in the beautiful day and the nature of Ada Huja.The program started traditionally with the “Čarolija” choir, continued with the choir of Belgrade’s Children Cultural Center and than the band “Pakleni Ribnikari” had its first performance on the big stage causing the ovations.
In the following program also performed: “Ničim izazvan”, “Artan Lili” and Zemlja Gruva”.The audience enjoyed in various organic food stands and many other festival contents such as the opportunity to practice Tai Chi and Capoeira.

2 Supernatural 2015 PRibnikari visual

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The Forum Creative Europe is taking place on April 27th and 28th at the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade.
The main objective of this forum is to inform the wider cultural audience with the main programe for culture of the EU.
Forum is organized by The Desk Creative Europe Serbia.
The main part of the program will be held on the topic of programs that are supported by the funds from the Creative Europe programs.
The Forum is attended by numerous representatives of the cultural institutions and organizations.
Marsh Creative Production has presented its work in the official program of the Forum Creative Europe.

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On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the first “Choco Love Fest” was held at Supermarket Concept Store.
This unique festival gathered a large number of exhibitors as well as the fans of chocolate, giving them memorable experience through new tastes and new insights.
In addition to rich offer of the Choco market, the visitors had a unique opportunity to learn from the masters of chocolate, how to make some of the best chocolate desserts.
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, love and fashion were presented in several fashion segments all inspired by chocolate, designed by Click fashion studio.

The Concept and Executive Production of the festival – MARSH Creative Production
Author and Organizer of the festival – Urban Hub Belgrade

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Zdravko Čolić performed at his two sold out concerts in Belgrade Kombank Arena.
Around 40.000 visitors had a unique opportunity to enjoy in Zdravko’s fabulous concerts.
Numerous Belgrade media have praised these performances of Zdravko Čolić as well as the magnificent band and the dance troupe of Milan Gromilić.
As for the sound, Jon Burton, a well known British sound designer was in charge.
On both concerts the guests were Vlatko Stefanovski and Dragoljub Djuričić, while on the first concert Nikša Bratoš and Voja Aralica have joined Zdravko on the stage for one song.
The concerts were organized by – Studio Berar
Executive and creative Production by – Marsh Creative Production

zdravko colic drugi koncert visual vest


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In cooperation with Paprika Latino, Slovenia, Marsh Production has created a game concept and realized its production for the Strix reality show format “The Farm”, in Slovenia “Kmetija: Nov začetek”.
With this format Paprika Latino Production made a huge succsess and the broadcaster Planet TV has positioned itself side by side with leading broadcasters in Slovenia. Format “Kmetija: Nov Začetek” holds its viewership leading position for weeks now which is proved by its constant, high ratings!
Big thanks to Ms. Melinda Rebrek, Executive Producer and Miloš Ratković our Production Manager, for giving us this challenging, inspiring and interesting task that Marsh Production realized with greatest pleasure.

10 Kmetija


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The Festival of Tolerance will be held for the first time in Belgrade, from 13-15 November 2014, at Dom Omladine (Youth Center of Belgrade), UK “Parobrod” (Cultural Center) and the “O3one” Gallery, with the idea to offer the audience free movies, exhibitions and lectures on tolerance.

Marsh Creative Production realized the festival’s visual identity.

Visual Identity author is renowned designer Marko Ilić.

14 festival tolerancijei

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Air Serbia has promoted its new campaign marking the 1st anniversary of successful business.
The campaign was realized by Belgrade’s marketing agency “New Moment”.
Director of the TV commercial was Srdan Golubović and production company “Media Plus”.
Marko Maršićević was the Producer of this campaign.


13 air serbia logo navy blulogo

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The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks to AVON and Popular B&Ž OM advertising agency, we had the honor to realize another Avon BCC Event – A million reasons to celebrate… to give…to help…

As every year, the US Embassy in Belgrade and Fund B-92 were a part of the action. This year’s event was a bit different – it was more interactive, more intimate.
At Knez Mihailova St, around “Delijska česma” fountain, the pink Bazaar managed to gather a great number of people and send a clear message to all the women! The “High Heel Race” with the participation of men, showed that there are still gentlemen who are ready to put themselves in “her shoes” (both literally and figuratively). Over 1000 people participated in the symbolic walk along with fantastic musicians / percussionists and clowns, led by Bojan Ivković, and the host of this year’s event was fabulous Una Senić. On that day, October 18th, sunny Belgrade with its Pink Knez Mihailova St. was an important part of the world and its fight against this terrible disease.

9 Avon trka u stiklama za vest copy


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The “Osvajanje Slobode” Award which is given by the Maja Maršićević-Tasić Foundation, had its Ceremony for the 14th time at the Assembly of the city of Belgrade.
This year, the Award went to Prof. Dr. Danica Popović.

12 MMT2014-

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On the last weekend of August, another Piran Idea Y&R CEE – Golden Cut was successfully realized.

The participants from 15 countries of Central and Eastern Europe had the opportunity to see the works in 12 categories. Y & R Moscow was the most successful in this year’s Festival of ideas and the Grand Prix went to Y & R Prague.

The participants of the Piran Idea 2014 had a unique opportunity to attend a lecture by one of the most awarded creative directors in the world Kalpesh Patankar from Y & R Dubai, the agency that was officially declared the fourth most creative agency in the world in 2014 in Cannes.

Aside from the aforementioned agencies the awards also went to New Moment Y & R Belgrade, Y & R Budapest and Not Perfect -Y & R Vilnius.

8 Piran Idea 2014 1 copy


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In cooperation with Grey, Marsh Production produced another Samsung event.
Promotion of the new Samsung Galaxy K zoom phone with support of Vip mobile took place at Glamoure Event Center in Zemun (Belgrade)

7 Samsung vip visual copy 1

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The 6th Mikser festival called “Sustainable Utopia” gathered around 1000 creatives from whole Serbia, region and world. This year as well, many visitors have visited Savamala – the creative center of Belgrade during the four days of the festival. The program consisted of nine program segments and was happrning at 15 locations.

6 Mikser 2014 copy

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Eighth Supernatural festival was realized.
The location – Supernatural Park at Ada Huja, it’s closer to its Supernatural vision.
We are proud of our youngest, loyal audience with whom we have this wonderful festival day, spent
in planting, talking about the Danube, finding the “hidden treasure” in the first Belgrade maze, playing volleyball.
In addition to the choir “Čarolija”, this year’s Kid music program was completed by the choir “Kolibri”.
Fantastic afternoon gigs, lectures, green market, the delicious Supernatural Organic Blend Coffee
all gave a special touch to the second part of the program.
The bands and their music: DLM, Obojeni program and Darkwood Dub made the whole park dance as one.
Thank you all for your positive energy and a great day!
As for us, we can hardly wait for the next festival…

5 Supernatural 2014

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After Belgrade premiere in Sava Centre, this musical dance spectacle had its premiere in the city of Novi Sad. With over 40 professional dancers on the stage, multimedia set design and specially arranged music, the audience in Novi Sad had the opportunity to enjoy a dynamic performance of the Balkan dances and music in their new, contemporary groove.

4 Una Saga NS

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In cooperation with “Popular B&Z OM”, Marsh Production did another Avon action on the occasion of the 20th of March – National Breast Cancer Awareness Day. On that occasion, pink roses were distributed to the women of Belgrade, at several locations in the city, in order to remind people of the importance of timely checkings/screenings.
On behalf of Avon and the B-92 Fund, a special flower pot with roses was set at Kalemegdan / near “Cvjeta Zuzorić”, as a gift to the city of Belgrade.
See how preparations for this action went, as well as its realization.

3 20.Mart Nacionalni dan borbe protiv raka dojke

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On February 28 and March 1, 2014, in the Mikser House, the first conference on the creative industries titled “Creative Industries of Serbia” was organized.
The conference was organized by the Exit and Mikser, and it gathered a large number of stakeholders from the creative industry of Serbia.
Theme of the second day of the conference was “Challenges for the development of creative industries in Serbia“.
The Founder of the Marsh Production, Marko Maršićević, led the first panel of the day “Education and infrastructure as a basis for the development of creative industries sector.” Other panelists:
Ana S. Trbovic, Dean, Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration
Veran Matic, President of the Board of Directors, B92
Misa Lukic, President of the Board of Directors, Publicis Group Serbia
Nada Popovic Perisic, Dean, Faculty of Media and Communicatio
Vigor Majic, Director, Research Station Petnica
Nemanja Petrovic, Deputy Chairman of the“Savski Venac” municipality
Aja Jung, Director, Belgrade Dance Festival

2 KKIS visual za vest

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In cooperation with production company Intermedia Network, Marsh production transformed the Dom Sindikata building into the Montevideo Cinema. The movie “See you in Montevideo!” draws enormous attention of many viewers and breaks all box office records since its premiere. .
The opening ceremony of the Montevideo Cinema was attended by the part of the cast, led by Miloš Biković.
On this occasion, they were signing posters for many fans.



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On the occasion of the Days of UEPS, the 53rd Annual Award Ceremony was held in Belgrade. Today, UEPS is the only national professional association of its kind. This year, the jury of 13 members reviewed more than 230 works, in over 40 categories and subcategories. The awards were given in accordance with the basic criteria of modern communication. In collaboration with the UEPS, for the second time around, Marsh production realized this event, and it was held for the first time at the Belgrade Youth Centre (Dom omladine Beograda).

ueps1 (1)


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After the promotion in Slovenia during the Eurobasket 2013, the project called We Were the World Champions was successfully promoted in Belgrade as well.

Marsh production organized the event at the Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade, and on that occasion the exhibition was opened and the movie had its premiere. Among the many guests from cultural and public life, the event was attended by the president of Serbia Mr. Tomislav Nikolić, the minister of Culture Mr. Ivan Tasovac and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Vanja Udovičić.

Many of the cast members attended the premiere, among others: Bora Stanković, Ranko Žeravica, Ivo Daneu, Petar Skansi, Ratomir Tvrdić, Nikola Plećaš, Damir Šolman, Boža Maljković and many others.

21.BSP plakat copy

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The Dances and Sounds of The Balkans, an audio-visual dance spectacle is the first project of the Una Saga Serbica troupe. The troupe consists of our eminent dancers.
The base of the troupe are trained, talented young dancers and the spectacle is enriched with the principal ballet dancers of the Belgrade National Theatre. The multimedia scenography was implemented with the help of 3D animation. The music specially arranged for this show is signed by Slobodan Marković. After a full Sava Center and great enthusiasm of the audience, Marsh production has started cooperation with the troupe, with a goal to have this spectacle travelling the world!

Una saga BGD

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Month of October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month.
With the courtesy of Avon and Popular B & Z advertising agency, we had the honor to produce Avon Caravan – A million reasons why I want the world with you.
The Caravan has visited Nis and Novi Sad, coloring their city squares in pink and spreading the positive energy through dance and music, with an emphasis on the importance of preventive screenings. Belgrade was the last destination of the Caravan, joined by the U.S. Embassy and the B-92 Fund. On 12th of October, at the Republic Square, we have managed to gather more than 6,000 people who joined a symbolic walk along with fantastic musicians / percussionists led by Bojan Ivković. Vlado Georgiev and Viva Vox choir entertained the crowd as well. The event was hosted by Katarina Radivojević. 12th of October 2013, was a sunny day and our city has managed to be an important part of the world in the fight against this terrible disease.

avon karavan


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The first Serbian Business Forum, Organized by the Chamber of Commerce, was held in the beautiful “Madlenianum” theater, on 3rd and 4th of October, 2013.

On this occasion, for the first time the world’s biggest companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple as well as many other guests from all over the world were presented to the Serbian business community. Marsh production ran the executive production of this great event.

Quantum leap


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CE&HA Fair 2013 is the continuation of cooperation with Grey Belgrade and client Samsung. With mutual efforts, we introduced all the new devices, in a manner that suits a tech giant like Samsung.

samsung ceha


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The 13th “Osvajanje slobode” Award Ceremony, awarded by the Maja Maršićević Tasić Foundation, was held at the Belgrade City Assembly. This year’s award went to Ms. Brankica Stanković, a journalist and author of the “Insajder” TV series.

MMT 2013

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At the very end of the Eurobasket 2013, on 22nd of September, a documentary We Were the World Champions had its premiere.
It’s a unique story about the Yugoslav school of basketball and how it all began – from its first years to the first global success – winning the 1970 World Championship in Ljubljana. More than 50 witnesses are telling their story about that time. Among the numerous attendees was also the president of FIBA Yvan Mainini, Bora Stanković, Ivo Daneu, Boris Kristančić, Aljoša Žorga, Bogdan Tanjević.

BSP lju premijera


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At the beginning of the Eurobasket 2013 in Jesenice, on September 7th, the movie “We Were the World Champions” had its special preview screening. It was attended by many sports professionals, media, and people from the public life of Slovenia. Guests were addressed by the Mayor of Jesenice Mr. Tomaž Tom Mencinger, Serbian Ambassador to Slovenia Mr. Aleksandar Radovanović, and after the movie had its standing ovations, a screenwriter Mr. Saša Miletić addressed to the audience as well.

BSP jesenice


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After the great success with the movie “Montevideo, bog te video”, and during the preparation for the second part of the hit film, the production company Intermedia Network, was preparing for the new one – “We Were the World Champions”.
Preparations for the start of the shooting occurred during the European Basketball Championship in Ljubljana, in September. And the theme of this documentary is the beginning of the Yugoslavian basketball.
With joint efforts, The City Museum of Ljubljana, Intermedia Network and Marsh production have organized an exhibition dedicated to the winning of Gold medal on the World Basketball Championship in 1970, in Ljubljana. The exhibition was opened on September 2nd at the Ljubljana City Assembly and the guests were greeted by the Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, Mr. Zoran Janković.

marsh prod u lju BSP


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Marsh production organized this year’s Piran Idea Festival 2013 in association with New Moment. This collaboration is a continuation of a long tradition Ideas Campus, which is held for the 10th time (since 2000) in the beautiful Istrian town of Piran. In recent years, the campus was visited by dozens of famous creatives (Joe Pytka, Michael Nyman, Goran Bregović and many others), as well as hundreds of students from around the world. This year, Piran Idea is a sort festival of ideas for regional network Young & Rubicam / New Moment. The competition was divided into 13 categories, 250 works were submitted, and the winners were chosen by the international jury.

piran idea 2013


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The continuation of collaboration between Marsh production and Tenfore, and the first video made for the world known company Western Union.
This video promotes the cooperation with PTT Serbia that offers Western Union services throughout Serbia.

western union


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Marsh production and The Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation have signed a five-year Agreement of Cooperation.
Through this strategic partnership the goals of cooperation have been defined. With mutual efforts, the work on a new project called the Art Lab Kolararac(ALK) has begun, which should set the course of development of the Foundation in the 21st century, based on the rich tradition of the Kolarac Foundation as well as on promoting promising, young artists.
Also, the Marsh production premises were moved, on the 4th  floor of the Kolarac building, in the famous studios, where some of the most significant Serbian painters of the 20th century, such as Cuca Sokić, Boža Prodanović, Zuko Džumhur, and many others, were creating their artworks.


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The Mikser festival celebrated a small anniversary, and Marsh production has continued successful cooperation with this prominent Belgrade festival. Savamala has definitely become a new urban area, and much of the credit for its revival belongs to the Mikser festival, during which this area completely changes its character and structure. The festival was attended by many local and foreign guests, as well as over 100,000 visitors

mikser 2013

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After Belgrade, Samsung caravan continued its journey towards Zagreb.
As previously in Belgrade, Samsung showcased the newest products for business partners and buyers, this time in the Zagreb Car Museum. This was the first event production that Marsh conducted in Croatia

samsung zg


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The collaboration with the only ecological festival in Serbia has been continued this year as well. Over 20.000 people visited Supernatural park on Ada Huja. Numerous festival visitors had enjoyed nature, music, as well as various Supernatural workshops

supernatural 2013


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Within the Belgrade Kitchen  2.0 project, Marsh production produced its first theater play. In cooperation with Delhaize Serbia, the play has been prepared in the “Boško Buha” theater, Belgrade. Over 200 kids applied for casting. The director of the piece, Mr. Boško Đorđević, chose 6 candidates and after a two-month work, the play called “The Kitchen Superheroes” came to light. The script credits go to Vuk Ršumović.

marsh predstava kuhinja

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For the second time around, Marsh production has successfully organized another Belgrade Kitchen.
With the support of the City of Belgrade, as well as Secretariat for Education and Child Protection and Tourist Organization of Belgrade, a new Publication was promoted in the Đorđe restaurant.

bg kuhinja 2.0


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In cooperation with Grey Belgrade, Marsh production organized Samsung Adriatic Forum, for the first time in Belgrade. The event was held at the Genex Impulse Hall, in the unique space especially set up for this occasion, showcasing the Samsung’s new products. The 4K Screen, seen for the first time in this region, drew particular attention.
Many Samsung business partners had the opportunity to see various new products.

samsung bg adraitic


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Grey Belgrade and Marsh production have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation.
Grey is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world and in Serbia as well, and is a member of the largest communications group in the world WPP. With offices in over 80 countries. Grey serves some of the major clients in our market. We are happy that in this way the work on joint event productions has begun.


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In cooperation with the Grey Belgrade agency, Marsh production organized an all-day event at the Supermarket Concept Store, a well-known Belgrade restaurant.

Over 500 participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest business results and successes of the Telenor company. On this occasion, the participants also had an exclusive opportunity to see and hear, Mr. Miloš Pavlović, the only Serbian formula racing driver, as well as to compete in interesting games commented by the famous TV duo Ivan and Ivan (presenters of the “Ninja Warriors” TV show). 




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During the last days of 2012, Marsh production has started a cooperation with UEPS, the oldest organization in the field of communication. This year’s Award Ceremony was held at the Belgrade Fair premises. Hundreds of works were assessed by the professional associates. Numerous laureates attended the event, as well as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr. Srđan Bogosavljević.



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